Triumph Settles with Bombardier over Global 7000 Wing Work

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Triumph has entered into a settlement agreement with Bombardier over the design and manufacture and supply of wings for the Global 7000.

Details of the settlement have not been released.

Triumph filed a suit in the Quebec Superior Court in January for work that was completed by its Aerospace Structure’s division, alleging that they were not paid for the work. Bombardier denied this.

“We are pleased with the settlement with Bombardier regarding our Global 7000 program contract, which we believe is mutually beneficial,” said Daniel J. Crowley, president & CEO, Triumph. “Our Aerospace Structures business has been dedicated to supporting Bombardier on this critical program since entering into the contract and remains committed to the program’s continued success as the aircraft transitions from flight testing to entry into service.”

(Source: Corporate Jet Investor By: Alud Davies)



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