2018.01.03(BALA ENGLISH 节目汇总)

摘要: 多素材纯双语干货,英语学习者必备!


1. Bala Morning Reading

There is a kind of people who choose to make every morning in order.


They get up relatively early and can finish a lot of things before they go to work.


That makes the whole day way easier for them and make them more productive in the office.


Yes, how you live your morning does speak a lot about how you live your life.


Dont underestimate it.


2. BaLa Finance News:

1. China Banking Regulatory Commission released data showing that at the end of November, total assets of banking financial institutions were 244.44 trillion yuan, an increase of 10% year on year; total liabilities were 225.37 trillion yuan, an increase of 10% year on year. The total assets of commercial banks amounted to 189.45 trillion yuan, an increase of 9.9% year on year; total liabilities were 175.11 trillion yuan, up 9.8% year on year.


2. Peoples Daily News, LIAN Ping, the chief economist of Bank of Communications, said that the Central Economic Work Conference clearly proposed to “control the overall gate of money supply," which means that it is still the main objective for the monetary policy to remain liquid and reasonably stable next year. Its emphasis on neutrality means no further tightening. It is estimated that the financial deleveraging will be further deepened in the coming period, and the intensity of financial supervision will not diminish. A series of new regulatory policies similar to the new regulations on asset management will be promulgated one after another. In terms of the main areas, the banks off-balance sheet business, internet finance, zombie businesses and financial holding companies are all expected to be heavily regulated.


3. BaLa Sharing:


语言学习者往往忽视培养好的发音,把注意力集中在语法和词汇上 — 但是练习你的口音也很重要。这里有一些实用的小妙招来帮助你摆脱你那“老一套的”口音。

1. Learn the phonetic alphabet


Getting familiar with the phonetic alphabet will help you identify new sounds and provide you with some markers to navigate the language you want to learn. Familiarity with a language’s phonemes helps you recognize sounds that your ear isn’t "tuned" to natively. Once you can recognize these sounds, you’ll start noticing them way more often when speaking and listening in your new language.

熟悉音标将会帮你辨认一些新的发音并且给你提供一些标记来驾驭你所学的语言。 熟悉一门语言的音素能够帮助你辨认耳朵本身不能辨认的声音。一旦辩认出这些声音,当你听别人说新语言或者用一门新语言交谈的时候,你就会注意他们的发音方式。

By becoming aware of the range of sounds that exist in the language you are learning, you’ll learn how to differentiate sounds that seem similar to the untrained ear, and it will make spelling easier. This can be especially helpful if you are learning mostly by reading.


2. Get familiar with the spoken language


Switch from theory to practice: try to expose yourself as much as possible to the language you are learning. Talk as much as possible with native speakers if you have the chance. When you have trouble pronouncing a particular word, ask people to repeat it and record it on your phone. You can then replay it and train your pronunciation as often as you wish. You can also listen to the correct pronunciation on some online dictionaries so that your ear gets familiar with all the sounds that initially strike you as unusual. Listen to podcasts or stream TV shows in the language. Even if you can’t understand everything, put it on in the background when you’re doing your chores so you get used to the particular melodies and unfamiliar sounds.


4. BaLa Poem Reading:

Dust of Snow

Robert Frost

The way a crow

Shook down on me

The dust of snow

From a hemlock tree

Has given my heart

A change of mood

And saved some part

Of a day I had rued.











5. BaLa Political News:


3. New industries and new forms of business developed rapidly. 

The development of strategic emerging industries maintained good momentum. In 2016, the value added of these industries rose by 10.5% over 2015, a growth rate 4.5 percentage points higher than that of industrial enterprises whose annual revenue exceeds 20 million yuan. In Q1 2017, this figure maintained double-digit growth. In the wake of the further rollout of the “National Broadband Internet Agenda,” online shopping grew quickly. In 2016, there were 731 million Internet users, a 29.7% increase over 2012. Between 2015 and 2016, online retail sales grew at an average rate of 28.6% a year, exceeding that of total retail sales of consumer goods by 18.1 percentage points. In Q1 2017, it registered a year-on-year growth of 25.8%.

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