2018.01.11(BALA ENGLISH 节目汇总)

摘要: 多素材纯双语干货,英语学习者必备!


1. Bala Morning Reading

Take the time you use to ridicule and reproach others to get a clear understanding of yourself. Looking down upon others will not elevate you, and at most it just lets you get a sham content. The so-called success is to let you live freer and more tolerant with more vitality and without the least fear.


                        ---- 余光中

2. BaLa Finance News:

1. In December 2017, Caixin Chinas service PMI was 53.9, up by 2 percentage points from November, setting the highest growth rate since August 2014. Caixin Chinas composite PMI rose 1.4 percentage points to 53, setting the highest growth within the last year. Caixin think tank CEBM said Caixin PMI shows that the economy is warming again. A substantial expansion of new orders and new business reflects the manufacturers optimistic outlook for 2018. Although there is downward pressure on Chinas economy, its resilience is still there and we need to pay attention to the possibility of any future policy tightening beyond expectations.

1、2017年12月,财新中国服务业PMI 53.9,较11月上升了2个百分点,创下2014年8月以来最高增速;财新中国综合PMI上升1.4个百分点至53,创下一年来最强劲增速。财新智库莫尼塔表示,财新PMI显示出经济再度转暖,新订单和新业务大幅扩张反映出厂商对2018年前景的乐观态度。虽然中国经济存在下行压力,但韧性仍在,需要关注的是未来政策是否会有超预期收紧的可能。

4. The State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs and other two departments jointly issued the “Measures for the Implementation of the System of Visa Issuance for Foreign Talents”. We will further expand the scope of personnel visa issuance, and foreign high-level talents and talents in urgent need of urgent economic and social development in our country, including those who meet the criteria of "Standard for Foreigners Work in China (for Trial Implementation)" and meet the requirements of "highly sophisticated" and market-oriented scientists, leading professionals in science and technology, and international entrepreneurs, special talents and highly-skilled personnel, etc., can apply for a personnel visa. It is reported that on January 2, 2018, Beijings Foreign Expert Affair Bureau has issued the first "Confirmation Letter of Foreign High-end Talents".


3. BaLa Sharing:

信息传达精准简洁 怎样做好英文Presentation

在学习与工作中,经常需要我们用英文做一些主题展示,或表达思想,或介绍经验,或推广品牌... ... Presentation既像演讲,又不同于演讲,同在于都需要良好的语言组织能力和表达沟通技巧,异在于,相比于演讲的某些渲染效果,Presentation对于信息传达的精准性和简洁性要求更高,目的性更强,往往还会借助PPT这一媒介。因此,不论是在课堂还是工作中,能做好一个英文Presentation的能力都极为重要。


Language 语言篇


Speed 语速


Intonation 音调


Volume 音量


4. BaLa Classic Reading:


Stove fire is of course not “Fire Box” and is not bonfire, either. But they are the same in characters: they give out heat and light and they emit soul-touching sound. Ove the past scores of years, the reason why I insisted on my own peculiar view not to install heating system and always cherished love for stove fire just lies here.

5. BaLa Political News:


We have made one achievement after another in the fields of science and technology innovation as well as massive projects. The Huiyan Hard X-ray Modulation Telescope has launched into space. The C919 large passenger jet has completed its maiden flight. The quantum computer has been successfully developed. Saltwater paddies have begun trial production. The first domestically built aircraft carrier has been put into use. The Haiyi underwater glider has conducted deep-sea observations. Samples of combustible ice in sea areas have been collected successfully. The Yangshan Phase-IV Automated Port has officially opened. The main structure of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge has been finished, and the Fuxing high speed trains have been operated across China…I would like to say Bravo to the great creativity demonstrated by fellow Chinese.

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