2017.12.29(BALA ENGLISH 节目汇总)

摘要: 多素材纯双语干货,英语学习者必备!


1. BaLa Finance News:

1. SHENG Laiyun, the chief economist of National Bureau of Statistics, said that it is impossible for Chinas economy to maintain its rapid growth as before. It is an inevitable trend. Moreover, after several years of adjustment, Chinas economy is still under control and the transformation from the old momentum to the new momentum has been relatively good. The GDP growth rate over the first three quarters was 6.9%. The GDP growth rate of the whole year has not come out yet, but it should be said that it will for the first time usher in an annual increase of growth rate.


3. Shanghai Securities — In this Central Economic Work Conference, the central government for the first time proposed the concept of "long-term leasing." Analysts believe that the development of the leasing market will become the core content of the housing system reform next year. Relevant supporting policies such as land, finance and supply modes are expected to be further refined and promulgated in the future.


2. BaLa Sharing:



1. I’m not sure.



A:Is the Dean in the office now?


B:Im not sure.


类似的表达还有Im not certain.(我不太确定) I cant say for sure.(这个不好说)

2. It’s difficult to say.


这句话除了可以表达不确定之外,也是委婉的表示不同意。有时候表达"我不同意",也不一定就只有"I disagree"那么直接。例如:

A:Does Kobe Bryant score the most points per game in the NBA?


B:Its difficult to say, and I’d have to look into that.


3. I wish I knew


大家看到I wish 类似虚拟语气的表达,可能会认为是委婉的表达。但这句话请注意,最初似乎是非常礼貌的,但现在表达时多表示说话人有点被激怒了。

A:Lucy, when will we get the results of the test?


B:I wish I knew when. I could really do with some good news.


3. BaLa Classic Reading:


My house faces south with three light rooms and two inner ones. Each two rooms on the left and right have two stoves accordingly, leaving only the drawing room in the middle cold and cheerless. And as I put several pots of tender flowers and two sets of sofa there, little room is left for moving about. As the room is cold, when guests come, they do not take off their overcoats; thus the clothes-stand becomes a useless decoration. All my friends coming to visit me complain that the temperature in my room is too low. It’s really rather cold in the drawing room, while my writing and sleeping room is fairly warm. Thus stove becomes my intimate friend. Over the past scores of years, I have become quite familiar with its disposition. Sometimes it cracks, and sometimes it is mild. In my loneliness, it gives me comfort and pleasure. Outside the window, the north wind is howling and snow is flying, but at this time my stove fire is just burning bright. When the pot water is just boiling, an old friend of mine happens to come in wind and snow. Stepping in my room, patting off the snowflakes on his clothes, he enters my inner room and drinks a cup of Dragon Well Tea. Over the fragrant tea foam, we would have a rambling chat about everything under the sun. The pot on the stove is rustling, as if it also joined us in our chat. Can pleasure in human world be any better than this?

4. BaLa Political News:


1. The capacity for scientific and technological innovation increased substantially. 

In 2016, 3.465 million domestic and foreign patent applications were accepted, with 1.754 million being granted patent rights – an increase of 68.9% and 39.8% respectively over 2012. In 2016, China ranked 25th in the Global Innovation Index, up 9 places since 2012 to become ranked first among middle-income countries. A great number of landmark scientific and technological advances emerged, taking manned spaceflight, high-speed rail, quantum communications, radio telescope, manned submersible, supercomputer, and large aircraft technologies to be on par with or approach the most advanced levels in the world.

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